Robot Arena 2

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You can take any of your robots into a single-player practice bout and a tournament, or into a multiplayer match against a friend. Robot Arena offers two modes of competition. One mode is a simple fight to the finish, and the other is called a flag match. The objective in this mode is to destroy a flag placed on the other robot. Matches are fought in seven different arenas. These arenas are populated with hazards that will damage a robot if it strays too close, much like in the Battlebots TV show.

Robots are constructed in the bot lab. The interface is easy to use and features an intuitive drag-and-drop control scheme. Parts are listed in five categories and are added to the robot by attaching them to special slots on the chassis. There are a fair number of parts with which to construct your robot, but unfortunately there aren't any new parts to unlock as you progress through the game. That's strange because a text file in the game's directory describes a few components that apparently aren't included in the game.


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