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Harry Potter - Chamber Of Secrets by Ali Ameen Wains

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The game's core gameplay is simple. Taking control of Harry Potter, the player explores Hogwarts castle and grounds. Throughout the course of the game, the player will encounter events that tie into the storyline of the second Harry Potter book.

Filling the gaps between these events are various classes, where the player will learn how to fly a broomstick and learn new spells for combating bosses, among other things. Each new spell is accompanied by a challenge, which the player must get through in a certain amount of time to complete that class period. During the later parts of the game, the player will face challenges which are not time-limited and are not related to learning spells. These challenges are all based on events from the book, for example travelling into the Forbidden Forest and gathering ingredients for a potion Hermione is making

  • Flipendo: Knocks back enemies and flips switches.
  • Lumos: Emits light from the wand.
  • Diffindo: Severs ropes and tapestries.
  • Skurge: Clears away ectoplasm that blocks doors or chests.
  • Spongify: creates a high jump.
  • Incendio: produces fire.
  • Alohomora: Unlocks locked doors and chests.
  • Avifors: Transforms statues into birds.
  • Expelliarmus: disarms the opponent.
  • Rictusempra: tickling charm.
  • Mimblewimble: Confuses the opponent and prevents them from accurately casting their next spell

In the Game Boy Color version of the game, you have to level up different spells. To level the spell to "Duo" You need to use it 25 times. To level up to "Tria" You need to use it 50 times.



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